Innovating for the NDIS Marketplace


TShirt Ventures, known for building platforms that drive significant social impact, focuses on innovative solutions within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) sector through its HeyHubble initiative. As a Senior Product Designer on the HeyHubble team, I spearheaded the enhancement of an NDIS marketplace designed to bridge the gap between service providers and participants. This project aimed to refine both the operational efficiency and the user experience of the marketplace.

HeyHubble's Plan Helper


The primary challenge was to create a more intuitive and effective digital marketplace that catered to the diverse needs of NDIS participants and service providers. The platform needed to not only facilitate smooth interactions between users but also ensure accessibility and ease of use for individuals with varying levels of ability.

Plan Helper wireframes

Design Process

Leadership in product design enhancements: I led a series of initiatives to improve the design and functionality of the HeyHubble platform, focusing on optimising the user interfaces and operational systems to better serve our diverse user base.

Improvements to HeyHubble's provider admin UI

Workflow execution from design to production: My responsibilities included overseeing the design process from initial concept through to production. This involved integrating comprehensive design systems and leveraging generative AI tools to automate and enhance design elements, speeding up the production process while maintaining high-quality outputs.

PlanHelper wireframes and concepts

Advocacy for Lean UX Methodologies: I championed lean UX methodologies within the team, emphasising rapid prototyping, iterative design, and frequent user feedback cycles. This approach enabled us to quickly adapt and evolve our solutions, ensuring they effectively met user needs.


The design solutions implemented included:

User-centric interface for personalised service recommendations: Developed a detailed interface specifically tailored for individual users which streamlined service recommendations directly related to developmental needs.

Conversational UI

Integrated design systems: Deployed a robust design system that brought consistency and scalability to the product's interface. This system provided a unified framework for design elements, promoting a cohesive user experience and simplifying future updates and maintenance.

Design system incorporating tokens

Generative AI integration: Utilised generative AI tools to streamline the design process, enabling rapid prototyping and iteration. This allowed for the swift development of new features and ensured that the design remained responsive to user feedback and evolving needs.

Generative AI illustrations and styling


The HeyHubble project exemplifies how thoughtful design and innovative technology can be harnessed to make substantial improvements in complex service sectors like the NDIS. The success of this project not only enhanced operational efficiencies and user satisfaction but also firmly positioned TShirt Ventures as a leader in technology-driven social impact within the healthcare sector. This case study serves as a powerful illustration of the potential for design to facilitate meaningful social connections and support within the community.

Improved UI